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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Terminal Care Privatisation

In 2012 when Andrew Lansey's Health and Social Care Bill was being brought in, Carlisle Socialist Party protested it vigorously leafleting the hospital and getting signitures on a petition. We warned that this wasn't privatisation through the back door but a full frontal assault on the priniple of health care as a service free at the point of use. At the very least it oppened the door to reduced quality of services and private companies scooping up public money. We presented a 500 signiture petition to Carlisle's MP calling for the Bill's repeal.

Lansley denied in Parliament that the bill would lead to a transfer of services to private companies but it was clear at the time that is was untrue. Now, care for terminally ill people and treatment for cancer will be tendered out to for-profit business across the county of  Staffordshire if the Tory governemnt get their way.

The Socialists favour an end to privatisation of public services and for a fully funded healthcare system free at the point of use and an end to cuts, closures and the demolition of the NHS. Enough with the Tory agenda of fragmentation and profiteering!

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